Tuesday 13 March 2012

More CaRT crap hits the fan.

Its a funny old world we live in.

Its often the case that we tend to evolve in social circles based around age groups. The old fuddy duddy or poison pensioner is now seen as a drain on the state. Bankers screw up the system and the public bails them out with our billions. Pensions that need a few billion to boost them - its no way Jose.

The armed forces are under staffed, under resourced and at the same time, expected to police the world. Billions for bankers is taken away from the already strapped for cash and equipment armed forces budgets. Bankers fritter away our money and the NHS is having to make cuts and to undergo a reshuffle of priorities. Bankers bonuses are an embarrassment to us but seemingly not to the bankers themselves.

Our canals are mismanaged for years, money is spent on "pub and housing" projects that turn sour. The family jewels are sold to bolster failing business acumen. Now when we had a chance to put in place people with ideas. Hopefully bringing a breath of fresh air and a whole new perspective. It's more of the same old "same old" only this time under a new name.

The CaRT council should be a peopled by independent thinkers who have a vested interest. People who can challenge without fear or favour the old working practises. Independent of any strictures forced upon them by other organisations. The IWA should be challenging and questioning not having a little cosy up.

Once again the scene is set for a few more episodes of the comic opera that has beset the Inland Waterways. Conspiracy theories of deals being done in dark corners. But then its a business - for that is what CaRT is a Limited Company.  A company that openly wants to avoid the Freedom of Information legislation. What could CaRT/BW/The Secretary of State of DEFRA  have to hide?

Companies House records reveal that the "Canal and River Trust" which was incorporated on the 12th October 2011 is a private limited company.  Record No. 78072760.

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the British Waterways Board will actually own the Canal and River Trust Limited. So a public asset is being handed over with a huge amount of money, to a private company. So if you thought that BW was a thing of the past. That the Fat Cat big bonuses and pensions were a thing of the past. Think again, this is a charter for asset stripping on a grand scale. So much for being a registered charity!

I wonder what the IWA will do now. Will the IWA wash their hands of the "Poison Chalice" or maybe the IWA were already aware of what was afoot. Maybe there were some deals done in dark corners.

Welcome to Inland Waterways and the World of smoke and mirrors.

Trebles all round as they say!


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