Saturday 14 May 2011

The World Ends Today!

The World is about to come to an end as we know it – Blogger is down, so I can't get my daily fix of the blogosphere. Whatever shall I do. Retirement has given me much more time to read other blogs. I much prefer reading blogs to reading the piss-poor press. Which these days is populated by sycophantic stories about celebrities, scratch cards and other low mentality offerings.

So first I went into the back garden and cut some logs for the wood burning stove for a couple of hours. At the same time I was mind musing over the sad 8th birthday anniversary of Madeline McCann which I had listened to on BBC radio yesterday. The family have been treated quite badly by some members of the public as well as the gutter section of the press. Now, it seems that the only way they can deal with the police in Portugal is through a Portuguese police lawyer.

It was particularly poignant  moment when Madeline's mother Kate recalled a dream. In the dream Madeline was found safe and well in the school creche. Only to wake up to the realisation that the dream was a short release from the ongoing nightmare. It was good to hear on the BBC news that the government has at long last invited the British police to look into the case. Albeit far too many years after the event. Yet, even the web is not immune from profiting on the McCann family torment. There are so called "humour based" web entries around this terrible tragedy. There are some sick people and media publications out there.

I came back to check – and Blogger is still AWOL. I started to trim the hedge to tidy it up. When I had filled up the green garden refuse bin with cuttings. I decided to check again on Blogger. Blogger is still AWOL. So I reluctantly started a job I should have done a long time ago. I decided to back-up my Windows 7 machine. There are a few tutorials on the web about doing this task. One of the best is Fred Langa's guide. You can find this here on the Widows Secrets website.

Well, that's a job well done. Just as well, because now Blogger has returned and brought back some of my draft postings, from an earlier time, minus some of the recent changes I had made. So its a nice warm feeling to know that I had all the materials backed up.

I have a plan for an uber-system to ensure that things don't get lost in a blogging single point of failure. But that's enough for today, more on this subject later.

I must go and prepare for the FA Cup final. (crosses fingers) As a Manchester United fan, I don't have an axe to grind on this one. (un-crosses fingers) So I shall be supporting Tony Pulis and the magnificent managerial season he is having with Stoke City. So its up to Mrs Jones'es little boy Ken to Win it for the potties. Maybe after the impromptu dressing room training session (after Stoke shot the Gunners down in flames last week) James Beattie will win it with a header.

Stoke City are playing  some other team.


The whole of Manchester will be celebrating today because Manchester United have won the Football Association Premiership.  Stoke City lost the Football Association Wembly final to some other team.


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