Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Elvis has left Birmingham

Elvis Presley has died … at the age of 70 in Handsworth Birmingham in the West Midlands. The King’s biggest fan, who changed his name by deed poll so many years ago that no one remembers his previous name, died in hospital of heart problems and his funeral took place at an empty crematorium.
A hand-written note at his terraced house – called Gracelands – said: “No post please, Elvis has died.”
Helen Edwards, a neighbour, said: “He was a massive fan and changed his name a long time ago. We only ever knew him as Elvis. His family fell out with him and he’s been on his own for a long time. We think he’s got three children but no one here has ever met them.”

He was well known for driving around in his canopy-covered mobility scooter, which had its very own Elvis1 number plate. In an interview eight years ago the Handsworth Elvis said “I listen to his music every day and my home is filled with Elvis posters, records, plates and other keepsakes. I even have an Elvis phone that starts dancing to Hound Dog whenever it rings. I still get people on the phone who think I’m taking the mickey, but I’m proud to share my name with The King.”

Dave Thomas, who runs a mobility scooter firm, in Stechford, said "he had known Elvis for the last 15 years. Elvis was a bit of a character and even had an Elvis number plate on the scooter, which was also filled with trinkets and keyrings. He refused to tell us his real name. I don’t think anybody knew. It was always a bit weird when you had to send an invoice to Elvis Presley. I’m not sure what his disability was, but he certainly had problems with his breathing."


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  1. the second Elvis has passed away without a bunch of fanfare.......we sure hope he has found the King and is strummin' on his guitar singin' all those happy songs....

    So where is yer little Poppy girl? Did ya say that she is feisty or what ? We are way across the big pond but I am always up fer a long distance romance should the opportunity present itself....ya can't let feisty 'n wiry fox T's slip thru yer paws....ya know.....I'm a pretty handsome devil if I do say so meself....a real catch fer some winsome maiden......well, at least I think so......

    Tally Ho !
    Dewey Dewster here.....


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