Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas card for the dog!

We have a dog called Poppy and you will find some references to her on the blog. Pops is an important part of our lives now that the children have grown and flown the nest. We do tend to look upon her as a sort of surrogate child in the absence of grand children. So we are guilty of spoiling her a bit. Because of the silly season for news stories based around a Christmas theme. There have been stories reported in the newspapers of people sending cards to their pets.

I would get her a toy or two, but i'm not sure that I would send Poppy a Christmas card. If I did I am sure that Poppy would only have a good chew on it anyway. Now there's a thought, beef flavoured Christmas cards for dogs! Mouse flavoured cards for cats. A few years ago it was flavoured condoms. Then it was edible knickers and other such so called "Christmas presents" that were all the rage.

A recent survey into the Christmas card buying habits has revealed 10 per cent of those surveyed in Wales will be sending season's greetings to their pets this year. So that's OK for the Corgi contingent.

The survey goes on to reveal that Scottish card-givers are the UK's most charitable. So that's OK for the Scottie contingent then.

However, Northern Ireland is officially the nation's Yuletide Scrooge after 15 per cent admitted they won't be sending out Christmas cards at all. Not good news for the Wolfhound contingent then.

The East of England is the most sociable, with greater numbers sending cards to 100 plus people. The South East wins the title for 'most generous' for spending a whopping £100 plus on cards.

Interestingly, the nation as a whole is more likely to send festive greetings to friends (81 per cent), rather than parents (53 per cent), siblings (55 per cent) or other family members (72 per cent), proving the modern adage that our closest of “friends are the 21st century family”.


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