Monday 20 December 2010

The dreaded Man Flu

After a minus 13 Celsius night, I awoke this morning feeling a bit off it! Yes, with less than one week to Christmas - you know who is down with "Man Flu". I'm doing all the usual things, drinking plenty of fluids and on the decongestant plus paracetamol regime. This is not bad I suppose, as I am fighting the symptoms. But I have had the flu jab for the last four years. The bad news for me is that I have to go into work even though its a quiet time.  Because, being the big softie I am, I have granted everyone else the week off before Christmas.

The Memsahib is going to visit daughter in Birmingham helping to re-decorate her new home from boxing day until new years eve. Leaving me abandoned in charge of the cats and dogs. With my luck, there is a good to fair chance that Santa will miss a visit to our house. With a bit of luck I shall have recovered enough  from my near death experience to crawl my way and spend a few days on board Rosie.

So for all those children who are awaiting Santa's visit, click on the link NORAD Santa Tracker 2010

You can even watch a replay on YouTube of last years NORAD Santa Tracker 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mick Mags and Poppy.

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