Sunday 28 November 2010

Preventative Diesel Treatment

For some time now I have been looking and reading about the effect of changing to Bio-diesel as an alternative to fuel oil, red diesel, derve or whatever name is used in your area. There are the usual doom and gloom postings on the forum about the end of the world as we know it. There are a few thought provoking articles in magazines and web publications. From all my reading and research - I still don't know much more than I did before I started.

Petrol engines can ingest a certain amount of water with the fuel without serious consequences, but if a droplet of water in diesel fuel makes it all the way to the cylinder, the sudden steaming of the water can blow the tip right off an injector. This is the reason for having a water-separating filter. Contaminated fuel is only one way water gets into the fuel aboard boats. It can leak in around the fill cap or it forms inside the tank as condensation. (that's why I keep the tank full of fuel in the winter)

There are test kits available to measure a sample of your diesel and to highlight what contaminants are there and to indicate the amount of contaminant. However, before going down the route - I suggest you have a read of this test kit review.  See Review of  Marine 16 Diesel Bug Test Kit Here.
Avoid products that contain alcohol, which attacks O-rings and other rubber parts in the fuel system.
So the way forward for me is to think preventative rather than cure. To the best of my knowledge, diesel bug is not present in my boats diesel tank. If it is in the tank it has not reached epidemic proportions needing expensive remedial treatment. In time the truth will emerge about the effects of bio-diesel and diesel bug boat tanks.

My preventative plan consists of :-
Keeping the tank full during the winter.
Adding a diesel bug treatment additive.
Adding a Water Dispersant.
A using mechanical Water Eliminator

So what's available to use as an additive to reduce or prevent diesel bug contamination.

StarTron Diesel Treatment.

Eliminates algae and fungal growth without the use of poisons.
Reduces all emissions.
Prevents fuel oxidation and stabilises diesel chemistry for at least 18 months.
Lowers fuel system maintenance.
Eliminates carbon build-up from burners, injectors and exhaust components.
Treats 1938 litre of Diesel.


StarBright Bio Diesel Additive

Prevents microbial growth
Kills existing bacteria, algae and fungus
Stops corrosion caused by micro-organisms 
Prevents plugging of filters due to organic growth
1 fl.oz. treats 60 gallons of diesel fuel
Works up to 10 times faster than other diesel fuel biocides


Fuel Set Diesel Bug Treatment
Blocked filters, stuck injectors and even engine failure can be caused by a microscopic fungus, that is present to varying extents in all fuel oil. Fuel Set Liquid is a complete fuel conditioner, which will reduce running and maintenance costs, and it absorbs any water present in the fuel, so you don't experience rough spots or misfiring. Treats diesel, petrol and 2 stroke fuel, and is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. It dilutes with fuel at a very economical 4000:1 ratio. Treats 2000 Litres.


Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment

Marine diesel bug may be killed completely using this treatment which is added directly to the tank before re-fuelling. In nearly all cases there will be no need to clean out the tank as the dead bug masses are reduced to fine particles that are either picked up in the fuel filter or passed harmlessly through the engine. For slight infections use 100 ml per 2000 litres of fuel, for mild infections use 100 ml per 500 litres fuel and for heavy infections use 100 ml per 100 litres fuel.


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