Thursday 8 April 2010

Bad news day.

There is this popular notion of a "Silly Season" for newspapers, which comes about when real news is in short supply. You might suppose that with a General Election bun fight about to break out. Plus the Football World Cup about to kick-off in more ways than one. You would think that the Newspapers, TV and Radio would have enough to keep them happy.

But it seems that the silly season is about to start anyway. On radio this morning - the top item was "The outcome of the election could be decided by the battle of the ties" The lothsome Cameron being seen as a snooty slime ball because he wears a tie.

The equally loathsome jack-the-lad Brown has now decided to throw off the mantle of sham conservatism and campaigns as one of the boys - sans tie.

The greedy but needy members of Parliament have now left their Westminster trough and have gone out kicking and squealing on the hustings. Surely there is no better time to be on the canal.

Second item on the news, "World Cup fiasco of the Wives and Girlfriends." 

It all kicks off when the players are told that their wife's or girlfriends cannot go with them to the world cup event. Yes, the WaG's are told to stay at home by Cappello. I do enjoy a good game of football, I do want to see England do well.  However, the Players who are paid unbelievable amounts of money to train two afternoons a week and hoof the ball around for an hour and a half at the weekend. Are now bleating that they are dismayed by the thought of not having their (or someone else's) latest squeeze in Africa giving them sycophantic encouragement. It's a hard life for some.

I am sure that there is no better time to be on the canal.

But is it also silly season on the cut?

There are a large number of canal blogs and forum's to choose from on the interwebby thingy. The more worthwhile blogs have a certain character of their own to share. Humour, wildlife, travel log and dear diary seem to be the main thrusts. However, when you go to the forums, there is a different ethos altogether. There are the usual day-to-day contributors, each offering their own personal view on a plethora of different topics. Then there are the non-contributors, in the sense that they only want to pick spots of others. Adding little if any sensible content to the main thrust of the thread.

Then there are the "Tub Thumpers" those fat, red faced guys and gal's with weird beards. Seemingly to be seen shouting "rubbish - rubbish" all the time.  These individuals are the WaG's of the canal.  Yes, its the "Wild Ass Guess" brigade. Whose whole remit in life is to stick it to BW. I can see them in my minds eye. Sat up at night pouring their venom and spleen over every letter of every word. Looking for all flavours of conspiracy theory's. Fuelled by their ongoing Freedom of Information snow storms.

Rather than give their interpretation of the facts as they see them, just the once. It seems that their claims are to be repeated again and again ad nauseum. What does this create, only a barrier with heavily entrenched sides. What good does it achieve - err.. nothing actually.

I can only think that what they get from it must be better than sex. Alternatively, perhaps it is a replacement for something quite fundamental that's missing from their lives. Maybe, it gets hard for them late at night, leaving them as frustrated, self flagellating individuals, relief only coming from taking a swipe at BW. I just wish someone would tell them to "only do it a little bit - then you will only need glasses".


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