Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mick and Mags for Towpath News at 10.


Mick and Mags for Towpath News, Barnsley.

Ground control, report M&M are go for lift-off.

In a failed attempt to remove a big fat smug smile from our face's. I can now announce the imminent arrival of a new narrow boat to the Wombwell Chapter of the Mafia. Our unconditional offer, (which they could not refuse) on a certain (but still for the time being) anonymous narrow boat (which is moored not un-adjacent to a towpath in Torksey) has been accepted.

This has come as something of a relief, having saved me the trouble of trying to remember what we did with Shergar's head! On the down side, our collective happiness is about to become inversely proportional to the bank balance.

More on this in our late bulletin.....

Saint Patrick's Day or Lá Fhéile Pádraig is a yearly holiday celebrated on the 17th of March

Found on the web:- "Canal-side pilgrimage recalls inspired piece of vandalism."

Irelands most famous mathematician was something of a vandal, scratching the formula for one of his greatest discoveries on to a bridge in Cabra. All was forgiven as Cabra Community Council helped to celebrate the miscreant, one William Rowan Hamilton, who committed that offence one day in 1843.  The structure, Broombridge, now bears no sign of the graffiti, but each year Hamilton's discovery is marked with a pilgrimage from his former home at Dunsink Observatory and along the Royal Canal.

Hamilton later described how, in a flash of inspiration upon reaching Broombridge, he created Quaternions. The term means little to most, but his maths is in widespread use today to create special effects in films.


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