Monday, 15 March 2010

Why do I blog?

I have always been someting of a writer, not in the sense of someone who keeps a diary or someone who writes for a living. I write just for my own personal pleasure. I find that there is no better way for fixing incidents and issues into my memory, than describing my experiences in words. I take a great deal of pleasure from writing what are after all personal reminders. Reminders that I know I will look back with fond memories in years to come.

Some writers of bloggers do it for their own gratification and so the "Blogosphere" is I suppose just a technological extension to this pleasure. Now, with a blog I can let those with the inclination to be bothered, have a good long look over my shoulder at what I am doing. I suppose the Internet could now be described as the new techno confessional.  However, at the same time, I do write some articles that are published elsewhere. Mostly in support of my enjoyment and love of all wildlife, but especially birds. 

I don't have any particular “style” to my writing, I am probably the most un-stylish person you could meet. Neither do I have any specific themes to write about either. Ideas, when they happen, just come and go, the words flow at different rates, mainly depending on my passion or the importance for the subject at hand. I do have strong views and yet I am prepared (sometimes grudgingly) to accept another viewpoint. Sometimes I write to try and modify someone else's perspective. Or to give what I believe (rightly or wrongly) is a more balanced viewpoint.

Mostly I write just to put across my own personal view. My tastes are somewhat eclectic and I am interested in almost everything. Some issues are up close and personal so that I write with a real passion, whilst comments on other issues are little more than casual observation. There is some truth, that because I am new to boat ownership (if not new boating). That all the trials and tribulations of obtaining the wherewithal and selecting the "right" boat are all consuming ideas just now. This will ultimately be the key driver to my narrowboat blog.

Yet when I sit down at the keyboard, usually I don't have a particular subject in mind. Sometimes, I tend to reflect on the happenings of my day. However, when the juices do flow, so do the words. It has to be said however, that I do tend to go back over what I have written and tidy up a bit. But never with a fine tooth comb, and that's because I feel that a tidy and perfect text is so sterile. So, sometimes you will find the grammar is suspect and sometimes the odd “smelling pisstake” will creep in.

After twenty five years of working in Higher Education. I had grown a natural desire to avoid producing the stereotypical standard “undergraduate” essay or “post graduate” thesis type of text. So you will find that I chop and change subject, almost at random. But as I don't easily get bored, dear reader, you are granted the freedom to remind me whenever I do! Remember, you can agree with me or you can be wrong..... it's your choice.

I like to think that I have a good sense of humour, this does sometimes show through in my writing. As an inveterate “extractor of urine” which incidentally I find to be an excellent tool to counter official pomposity. It seems that I always seem to have the "smart arse" quip at the ready! I don't know where it comes from, but it's always on the tip of my tongue. However, most of the time I manage to keep it under control and too myself.

There are however, the odd occasions when a caustic comment does slip through. The reason for this is, I have had a lifetime working with fools who thought they were smart. (Never argue with a fool, the spectators after all can’t tell the difference) In reality, I have also worked with some clever and talented people, who knew they were smart. Very few of either, I found to be actually pompous, but there were notable exceptions. In reality, I actually like pompous people, that's because they are a good yard stick for self pomposity determination. Have you ever noticed that pompous people tend to be big, red faced individuals, who seem to have a beard and shout “rubbish, rubbish” all the time. Or is it just me!

So if you see me on the cut, (I am the rather tiresome grumpy middle-aged curmudgeon) do come and say hello. I love meeting people, and I will talk for as long as I like. When you get fed up, you can easily quieten me down by the very simple expedient of inviting me into a pub and putting a foaming glass of the amber coloured nectar in one hand and a piece of pork pie in the other. After two pints, I will be the one asleep in the corner. You can then get away!

Chaos, panic, pandemonium ahhh!  At last my work here is done.


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