Tuesday 19 January 2010

Visit to Castle Marina in Nottingham

The weekend weather was such that we finally made a journey down to the Castle Marina in Nottingham. Our first port of call was at the Canal junction with the River Trent opposite Notts County football ground. The Trent seemed to be in spate so we watched for a while. (BW on Monday issued advisory not to use the Trent) We then had a short walk with Poppy along the towpath to give her a run and to clear the cobwebs for us before driving towards Beeston and the marina.

On our arrival at the Castle Marina the sun was shining on the boats for the first time this year, is that a good omen? We had a look round five boats in the marina. Being as I am not as lithe and nimble as I used to be (a very long time ago) one or two head bangs helped to remind me about maybe getting myself a climbers or bikers helmet. One boat with the same name as the dog (Poppy) was very much to our liking. However, although nb Poppy is currently at the top of our list of possible purchases. (It is a short list of two so far) Poppy did not tick all the boxes. I expect we will have to make a few compromises in our requirements before we find "our narrow boat".

Poppy the dog had an enjoyable time and met up with a couple of other dogs in the marina. An 18 month old Border terrier and a 7 month old Staffy mixed. They had a great time playing and chasing about. I wish I had the same amount of energy!

We are still looking round the various brokerages on the web. One thing that stands out is the difference in quality of presentation of the boats on offer. Some have a brief summary and a single picture. Whilst at the other end of the brokerage spectrum the better sites include line drawings of the boat layout, high quality internal and external photographs and a summery with the option to download additional fine details in a PDF file.

I expect we will curtail our cruising activities as each winter on-sets and then go out again as soon as the spring arrives. We are still on the lookout for a suitable winter mooring (Nov-Feb) within an hour's drive of Barnsley. However, we will also want to do the odd cruising weekend away over this period of enforced inactivity.

I was reminded today of the "Rochdale Cowboy" Mike Harding when a friend sent me a link to the following uTube video. I think the link was sent because it has something of a canal flavour. I do enjoy a good comedian, especially two from the wrong side of the Pennines. Mike Harding and the "Bolton Bullfrog" Bernard Wrigley who can also be found on uTube. Here is Bernard's advice on the world famous "Lancashire cough toffee" Birmingham has the wonderful Jasper Carrott and uTube offers his version of Jake Thackarys "The Bantam Cock" However, if you want a taste of the late great Jake Thackary, here he is waxing lyrical on a woman's ability to talk.

Must go, I have just found that a torch is a case for holding flat batteries....


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