Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is it me - well is it?

I have a term of endearment for Mag's - its "Truffle Pig" now I know that you will think I am a bit OTT - but let me tell you why. Mags has this amazing sense of smell. I have practically none at all. Now in France The "Truffle Pig" is a domestic pig used for finding truffles in the forests. The pigs have a good sense of smell and a natural affinity for rooting in the earth for food. With the exception of the rooting around, I think Mags could give a truffle pig a run for its money.

I'm having a Meldrew moment…. Is it me- well is it?

What is getting up my nose (so to speak) are those people that own a dog, they are willing to take on the responsibility of making provision for what goes in at the pointed end, but seem to be unwilling to do the full trip and take care of what comes out of the blunt end.

We had a short walk along the towpath in Sheffield and found that we had to negotiate dog crap every few yards. Because it has been so cold it was easier to kick the poo into the cut, but you could see in places where some unfortunate had stood in it.

We always take a few plastic "poo" bags with us when out with the dog. It is so easy to bag the stuff and dispose of in a suitable container later.

I must admit, have been known to thrust a bag into an errant owners hand, give a smile and say "I know what it's like to run out of bags, here you are have one of mine." Do you know, no one ever declines and no one ever fails to clean up. It could alse be because I stand and watch them finish the job. I also note that people who have had the bag-thrust-into-hand treatment tend to walk the other way when they spot me comming. Maybe it was something I said?

Poo bins can be used for other purposes as well, just ask MP Alan Duncan.

As they say, it's all a matter of perspective, if you like to think you're a person of some influence, you can try out your theory by trying to order somebody else's dog around.


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