Thursday, 21 January 2010


I love our pets, we have four, (if you discount a tank full of tropical fish and a garden pond with a healthy population of goldfish and carp) First, there is Poppy, the Wire Haired Fox Terrier dog who you have heard a bit about already. However, we also have Jasper a very ancient and venerable 27 year old cat, who essentially rules the roost. Poppy and Jasper are best buddies and Pop's does her best to keep the old boy spick and span with the occasional enforced grooming. This lasts until the old boy gets fed up and gives her a boxing lesson.

Cat number two is Ebony, however, she is a nervous 90% feral cat, who can only be handled when we are wearing our biker clothing. Last but not least, there is Tigg's who is about 90% non feral, she can be handled, but prefers not to be! The last two live practically full time in the back conservatory and have little to do with Pops who they try to keep clear of.

We are in a bit of a quandary as we feel confident that Pop's and Jasper will adapt easily to sharing a berth on a narrow-boat. However, Ebony would be practically impossible to convert and Tigg's would be possible but it would be very-very difficult. However, to make matters worse, Ebony and Tiggs are inseparable.

Today we went down to the Sheffield Basin Marina to look at a narrow boat that was for sale (more out of interest, than with any intention to buy) We looked at a small 35' built in 2004 but it did not come anywhere near our expectations. The boat next door, on a winter mooring (a nice 57' inluding cratch cover and pramhood) was taking on water. We were given an invite from the owner to have a look around. Mag's was well impressed. She has much more of an idea of her wants now.

Must go .... Mags has just emailed a few more narrowboat brochures and adverts for me to look at.

Later .....

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