Friday 22 January 2010

Remember the thingy-whatsit!

Myself and Mags have a significant date in our relationship that comes around in February each year. So being the ever-loving and dutiful minion - I have just got off the phone with a narrow boat holiday company. Just done a surprise booking for late February canal cruise for me and the Mem-Sahib (1).

The Boat's Name is Dukes and we will be aboard for a week starting at Hillmorton. Just the two of us and the ever present Poppy. Between us we should be creating panic, mayhem and discord somewhere along the cut. - British Waterways stoppages excepted.

I should imagine that British Waterways will be creating panic, mayhem and discord of their own.

I am it must be said something of an electronic gadget person. I am usually to be found playing around with someone's computer. I love the challenge and interplay between a man and a troublesome gadget. Usually the gadget wins but every once in a while man triumphs. Whenever this happens it should be trumpeded around the cut to let those pesky gadgets know their place.

This last week we went to visit Mag's identical twin sister Ellen (2). She was sat with her computer hardwired into the wireless broadband router. It seems that all the experts had given up on making the laptop and the router talk via the wireless link. So I agreed to have a look at it. Twenty min's later the two were communicating via wireless elec-trickery. So I am sat with a smug, self satisfied look on my face and excepting the plaudits.

Many moons ago, on an ocean far-far away. At a time when Britain was still Great and we had a merchant fleet. I was a "sparks" or radio officer in the merchant navy for a short time. Un-surprisingly you will not be amazed to find out that another one of my hobbies is called Amateur Radio. At home I have a purpose built "radio-shack" where I can go, relax and have a chat with my friends around the World.

Now I am starting to spend some time concocting a list of what I would like to take on board the boat. I have a couple of 446mhz licence free walkie-talkie radios that we can use when negotiating locks plus a marine handheld. They will not take up much space, however, most of my radio equipment would fill a good sized local radio studio and I can't see the Mem-sahib agreeing to let me fill up the narrow boat saloon.

If I look confused it’s because I’m thinking.

(1) A white foreign woman of high social status living in India, especially the wife of a British official.
(2) Mag's is the Evil twin

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