Thursday 31 March 2016

Is it me?

I am in something of a quandary and maybe you can help. The government seems to be at odds with what I would call 'sensible options' and spending our money in a profligate way that beggars belief.

Take for instance the hundreds of millions of pounds of our taxes being spent on special precision guided bombs. Essentially the money is being spent upon rearranging the rubble, left over from previous bombing campaigns. I'm in a quandary because, on the 23rd of October, our UK newspapers reported that Russian and US planes had completely destroyed the Omar oil field in Syria which is under the control of Daesh.

Quote: 'The terrorists’ oil field in eastern Syria was obliterated in a day of bombing conducted by both Russia and the US-led coalition. US operations officer Major Michael Filanowski told reporters in Baghdad the Omar oil field was blitzed, heavily damaging the lucrative funding source for ISIS.”

However the very same Newspaper is now reporting, that the very same “destroyed” oil field has been destroyed all over again by UK air strikes. You know and I know that there is no possibility of any oilfield being repaired to the point where it could be back in production in a war zone. the manpower, tools and spare parts would not be there.

Quote: 'Four Tornados took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus after MPs voted in favour of launching airstrikes in the war-torn country. The jets struck targets in the Omar oil field in Eastern Syria, dealing a “real blow” to Daesh.”

Yet at the very same time, the government has cut the spending on flood defences in our own country. A very serious and profound cut in a different kind of defence spending. A cut which is making many of our citizens feel vulnerable to the increase threat of flooding as a result of climate change. 

Is it me?

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