Wednesday 4 November 2015

A walk along the River Derwent

We had a walk alongside the (Derbyshire) River Derwent towards the Cromford Canal. And the autumnal display was breath taking.

 Mags and Poppy walking along into the sunset. The last of the summer green, the deep rusty browns, the yellow and gold all combine to give a wonderful day out.

The footpath sweeps through the light and shade with a golden canopy that is combined with a path paved in gold.

We sauntered along in the dappled shade with the leaves all back lit and glowing.

As the sun gets lower, the shadows get longer.


The autumnal colours of the trees contrast well with the sandstone of the buildings. 

The driveways into some of the properties were illuminated by the reflections of every shade of yellow, red and gold. 


The mist starts to flow over the distant hills and to tumble down into the valley below.

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