Saturday 15 August 2015


Its not often that I get into politics now, I'm usually of the persuasion that its much better not to encourage them. This is because it is only right and far right are the available choices.  
But now, I have this little conundrum which is niggling away at my sense of injustice over the Labour party abandoning its roots. As in everything else in life, there is good and bad in everything and politics is no different. However, now there is more bad in Westminster than good.

There are people usually standing on the left who are known for being no nonsense, straight talking, incorruptible individuals. (Benn, Skinner and Corbyn et all) Often seen as political mavericks because they don't always toe the 'party line'. They are not just politicians these are people motivated by the need for making things better for the people. They are exemplars for the future.

When you look at those politicians standing politically to the right, its hard to spot anyone known for being no nonsense, straight talking and incorruptible individuals. Because they always toe the 'party line'. They are career politicians who have never had a 'real job'. These are people motivated by the need for making things better but only for themselves and what they see as their class.

For the last 20 years or so its been hard to distinguish between the various parties. Their main policies have been built upon the same sort of rhetoric just with a different slant (spin) applied.  The new Labour party under Blair moved towards the centre and has continued to drift further towards the right. The net effect of this is that the Conservative party has moved even further to the right and remains politically unchallenged.

I was left in the political wilderness because my party moved away from me. I never faltered for a moment. I am and always will be a socialist. I was brought up in a socialist family. Socialism is in my every fibre and in my every thought.

Now, there have been in the last few decades a series of scandals in parliament. Cash for questions, the widespread fraud on political expenses claims that has even seen some politicians incarcerated.  The scandal over duck houses and home flipping saw the speaker of the house stand down.

How far has it gone, now in a time of austerity, millionaires are given tax cuts, businesses avoid paying billions in taxes. Banking scandals which the depth and scale of continue to astound - with impunity manipulated for greed, such as Libor. While at the same time the vulnerable and disabled are hounded by people who are supposed to be in office to protect such individuals.

And we elected them.

Just as you think it can get no worse, more and more scandals involving children are revealed. What started out as questionable flirtations and assignations with prostitutes (Profumo et al) Which then moved on to rent boys scandals (Harvey Proctor et al) Then it seems that the most vulnerable children in care (Cyril Smith et al) have been abused.

My home town of Rotherham has seen a huge number of children exploited, numbered in their thousands. Now we are finding that Rotherham is not a case in isolation as more and more scandals are revealed. There is one common denominator in all of this and it is Westminster and the politics of greed and debauchery.

Now, a small and in a way an insignificant man in political terms has come to the forefront. He has always been a maverick, he has always been known for not toeing the 'party line'. He brings with him a hope in everyone to bring about a change. Someone who will restore the balance of politics from a right and even righter agenda. A no nonsense, straight talking and incorruptible individual. Jeremy Corbyn has restored my jaded faith, restoring my belief that there is and must be a better way.

However the burden is going to be a heavy one and its not going to be easy. There will be those on the right in the labour party who will already be plotting to bring him down. There will be those on the right outside of the labour party who will want to bring him down. The onslaught from the right wing media will be unrelenting. He cannot be allowed to stand alone.

I'm 68 years young, and inspired by Tony Benn. I know that there is never going to be a second chance in my lifetime to clean up parliament. There is not going to be a second chance in my lifetime to bring about a political revival for socialism. There is not going to be a second chance in my lifetime to bring about justice for abused children. There is not going to be a second chance in my lifetime to bring about the huge list of changes that need to be done.

I was around to watch my labour party subverted by Blair. But I might not be around to see the restoration of a truly socialist labour party. But you could. I might not be around to see Westminster cleaned up. But you could. You will have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn. If he trips and falters you will have to pick him up on your shoulders. He can't do it alone but he can do it with your help.

Today you have an instrument that can overcome the gutter right wing press. It was not around in my day, its called social media. Use it to your advantage we are all editors, we are now all publishers.

I'm a socialist and I am not afraid to say it. I believe in a political party being answerable to its members. I believe in government being answerable to the people. There are those within the labour party who do not want this agenda. Because they are not true socialists and because they are full of personal greed.

I will be doing my bit - I will vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle. I will only vote for them with no second choices - because there are no credible alternatives.

Come and join me.

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