Sunday 16 August 2015

Political Ideas

I thought I might write to the prime minister David Cameron. 

I have a solution for the problem of all those troublesome, work shy, dying and disabled people that Multimillionaire Duncan Smith MP Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is trying to drive into scavenging from skips and those food banks. 

My idea is that the dying and disabled are made into life peers. That would get them off the need for sleeping on park benches and into sleeping on the benches in the house of lords instead. It would also reduce the number of claimants for the welfare state as they would get £300 quid tax free each time they turned up. We could also give them additional tax cuts and put them on zero hours contracts. Then we could add them to the employment figures.

However, when I had a look the house of lords it was already full of those on zero hours contracts and the three D's. That's those with dementia, dying and disabled who were already filling all the sleeping spaces on the benches.

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