Monday 3 August 2015

Council Election

I guess the popular topic over the next few months on the boating blogs and forums will be the up-coming election to CaRT for four Independent Private Boating Representatives to the CaRT council. In the near future we have a list of candidates published who have supplied a short election address. Not a great deal you would imagine can be gleaned from a few  words.

I had in mind that the four positions to be elected to council are intended for 'private' or independent boat owners. The four places are to represent the interests of the boat owners only and not specifically other groups. Now, people who are sponsored and presumably funded by some association or other. Can't claim to be really independent 'private' representatives. 

Quote from the last election 'IWA is fielding five IWA sponsored candidates on behalf of all boaters.' Well, I was one of the 'all boaters' and no one from the IWA asked me if I wanted the IWA to represent me. 

The Inland  Waterways Association represents according to their website:- Anglers, Canoeing, Cyclists, Freight, Walking, Kids and Nature. Now if you look at the list of specialist nominated council members there are representatives already appointed to Council just for those purposes. The Anglers, the Canoe clubs, the Ramblers, Cyclists, Freight, Wildlife and Kids (youth).

  • David Kent, nominated by the Angling Trust.
  • Paul Owen, nominated by British Canoeing.
  • David Gibson, nominated by the Ramblers Association.
  • Martyn Brunt, nominated by Sustrans (Cyclists)
  • Paul Wilkinson, nominated by The Wildlife Trusts.
  • Mike Palmer, nominated by the Waterway Recovery Group.
  • Peter Hugman, Co-opted Member, Freight.
  • Chloe Donovan, Co-optee, Youth.

People affiliated in organisations representing other boating interests should not be sharing a bed with CaRT. Well not if they are to be entirely without any conflicts of interest and truly independent.

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