Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Essential Boat Maintenance...

Time for a bit of essential boat maintenance...

So I started off by changing the engine oil. I had a 5 litre of oil container that was empty. So I pumped out the sump. I also had a 5 litre container of oil that I had been using to top up the engine when doing oil changes. The engine (Beta 38) hold 5.5 litres. However, it turns out that there was only about three litres left over in the container. So off I go shopping. There was no Halfords or similar outlet available, so I had to pay top dollar for the oil. Ouch! 

We had noticed a small leak on the galley tap and despite my best efforts. I was unable to find a source for a set of replacement seals. So we decided to purchase a new tap. The mixer that we have is low over the bowl and its hard to fill a kettle. So a new tap was ordered up. It arrived today. Looks to be spot on, should be able to fill the kettle easier. Only problem is it comes with a 45mm threaded work surface stand off. Turns out that the work surface on the boat is 50 mm. So I had to order up an extra long stand off. Merde!

Ordered up a new antenna for the new digital radio that I have fitted on the boat. I have all the cable threaded up ready. However, after a week it has still not arrived. Just used our spare domestic alternator belt. So a couple of new spares ordered up. The new ones arrived, only to find that instead if being 1210mm they are 1265mm in real money 2 inches too long. So had to pack them up to go back to be exchanged for the right length.

Think I will call it a day somebody up there does not want me to get on today. 


  1. Halford Superstore 10 mins walk away up Birmingham Road. I had to go twice yesterday. Charlotte's keel tank leaking lost all antifreeze.

    1. I use a nuvi sat nav, comes in handy for finding supermarkets and other such places. Checked the sat nav again just now, Halfords and a couple of car spares places show up.... I was right, someone up there did not want me to succeed. I purchased a container of anti freeze a couple of months ago. Only to discover its already watered down and to be used just for topping up. Take care enjoy your cruise...

      Now at Wilmcote and the first 16 locks out of the way.


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