Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Real or faux boaters

There is some good old British clap trap written from time to time. I know its in the run up to a general election and its only what I should come to expect. But I'm on about social media and some of the opinion shared in the various boating forums. Let me give you an example by way of an illustration. An oft tossed out phrase is 'real boaters'. This nonsense is typical of what I am on about. Simply because if there are real boaters then there must be, by direct implication, a second group of unreal or faux boaters. To be honest I've yet to meet either real or faux, but I have met plenty of boaters.

Then there is the 'constant cruiser' denigrated by some, because they feel that such individuals are somehow cheating the system. Cheating because its assumed – wrongfully – that its somehow against the spirit of the waterways not to have a home mooring. Parliament went to great lengths to create and enshrine this 'class' of boater. Despite the deep protestations at the time of the British Waterways Board. Worst of all, this oft used misconception is claimed on the false pretext of a boaters choice of lifestyle.

Turn it on its head and assume – wrongfully – that its somehow against the spirit of the waterways and to be a live aboard you must be a constant cruiser. Therefore there is no need to have residential moorings. Because if you choose to live aboard your boat in a marina – you made your lifestyle choice. It makes no sense either way round. It does however, highlight peoples prejudices – often a prejudice that they would believe they do not to hold. In a demonstration of logic that rivals Lilliput and the absurdity of which end of an egg should be opened. The same mantra is trotted out time and again. 

We have cruising rings that people like to enjoy and could choose to go round again and again. And much of the waterways are linear with the waterway utilising a single entry and exit point. We don't mind people with a home mooring going up and down the same length of canal, or round and round the same ring. So why should we object to anyone doing the same thing whether the have a home mooring or not. After all, when out on the cut we are all cruising.

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