Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Desmond Family Canoe Trail.

The Canal and River Trust has had a large donation £1.3 million from the The Desmond Foundation to create a route along the Leeds Liverpool canal for canoes. Creating England’s first ever coast to coast canoe trail. The trail will be known as the 'Desmond Family Canoe Trail.'

Tony Hales, chairman of the Canal & River Trust said “We want communities to use canals to enrich their lives as part of a healthy and fun lifestyle. Canoeing is a great sport, growing in popularity, for the young and the older. We want to make it accessible and enjoyed by many more families and individuals, whatever their physical ability."

Richard Desmond, who founded The Desmond Foundation, said: “I’m delighted to be able to fund such a remarkable and unique project which will clearly change the lives of thousands of young people for years to come.”

Richard Desmond is a billionaire publisher and businessman. He is the owner of Express Newspapers. Owners of  the Daily Star and Daily Express.  He is also founder of Northern & Shell, which owns Portland TV which owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV and others. Northern & Shell also brought the nation 38 porn magazines, including memorable titles such as Asian Babes, Big Ones and Forty Plus.

Media regulator Ofcom has fined two Richard Desmond owned companies that broadcast on adult channels over £98,000 in total. The first was for £52,500 for breaching the broadcast code. Ofcom then levied a £25,000 fine against RHF Productions for promoting on Red Hot Services "extremely sexually explicit" material, which is not supposed to be broadcast on any TV channel licensed by the UK media regulator. The regulator also fined Portland Enterprises £27,500 for broadcasting, on channel Television X2, a programme called Bathroom Bitches. For the Full Story Click Here

You may remember that CaRT also had a thing going with the Co-operative Bank, which has now slowly sunk from sight into the mud. The activities of the Reverend Paul Flowers ordained minister. (currently suspended indefinitely by the church) He was the chairman of the Co-operative Bank which under his leadership subsequently went into meltdown. The Reverend Flowers also gained notoriety for his drug taking activities. Becoming well known in the media as the CrystalMeth-odist. I suppose he could have been described as an unsavoury character. 

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