Sunday 24 August 2014

Kindle Read

I have downloaded a trilogy of short boating books onto my kindle. The Narrowboat Lad is a series of books By Daniel Mark Brown looking at a life experienced on the canals. 

I presume there will be more volumes later.


The first book in the trilogy could have been subtitled titled 'A Catalogue of Mistakes'. However, this is in reality a refreshingly honest account of mistakes made. All brought about by a somewhat rose-tinted ambition to own a narrowboat. 

The Narrowboat Lad' to a point perpetuates the myth of 'Living the Dream' on a boat. Often the dream can become a nightmare if enough care is not taken. 

This is our fifth year of owning a boat. Over time its easy to forget the trials and tribulations that we we went through ourselves. To the point of become quite blasé about life on the cut.  

A few times I even found myself saying - I've done that.

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