Saturday, 26 July 2014

NABO Need Your Help.

CaRT it seems are ignoring Richard Parry's pledge on no more mooring changes across the system


Mark Tizard of the National Association of Boat Owners Said:

Help us collate the changes.

At the end of March the boating associations held a meeting with CRT to discuss mooring strategy. It was agreed that there was a need for evidence based data gathering before further changes were made to Visitor Moorings. Richard Parry agreed and instructed Sally Ash that no more changes should be made to visitor moorings this year. The idea was that demand should be reviewed over the summer and data gathered on ease of mooring on existing VM's, pinch points, how long is the period of high demand and suggestions for new VMs etc. This could then be shared so that informed decisions could be made by CRT with broad support.

Since then however CRT have continued as if this meeting didn't happen making changes.
Please could you post on here any changes that you are aware so that we can collate this information.

To get us going :
Visitor Moorings at Beeston Nottingham, changed from 14 days to 48 hrs.
Visitor Moorings on the Lancaster canal all changed to 48 hours
Visitor Moorings in London (some changed from 14 to 7 days)

I should add that NABO are not against change but believe that Visitor Moorings should be able to cater for a range of visitors cruising the network and thus should have a range of stay times.

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