Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Do you Pod?

I have a small Apple iPod that I use as a book at bedtime. I enjoy listening with the light off. I have a Sony Digital Walkman for the occasional late night music enjoyment. But I find that the iPod is ideal and makes it very easy for downloading podcasts from the Internet via my laptop. My favourite podcasts are in the main the BBC radio four comedy stuff. 

So if you are wondering what a podcast is, a podcast is an audio or video file, usually a recorded or edited from a broadcast. Usually the podcast content is edited to remove bits that use visual clues or props where the humour would not carry so well. 

There are thousands of free podcasts to choose from. In my case the Podcasts are made up of a series of audio files taken  from radio four programs to which I have subscribed. I then automatically download from the iTunes website for free. I like the concept of the podcast, because no one person owns the technology. It is freely available to listen too. If you are so minded you can even create your own Podcasts on any subject under the sun.

Here is a sample of a podcast about : Nb Tarporley 

For something a bit off the wall try the podcast: 'The News from Lake Wobegon' There’s something intriguing about this weekly podcast, where writer Garrison Keillor gives listeners a 15-minute update about life in the sleepy fictional town of Wobegon.

To a point, some humorous podcasts are not funny. Some of the new genera of comedy escapes me. So you might just have to shop around as the saying goes 'your mileage may vary.'

With more than 250 episodes to its name, The Bugle is hosted by John Oliver and his long-term collaborator Andy Zaltzman, it provides a weekly dose of topical satire that manages to be both thought-provoking and uproariously funny. NB: Occasional use of strong language.

If you are into politically flavoured comedy this podcast is fronted by Matt Forde. Starting with Forde who is an accomplished stand-up delivering a topical routine before welcoming a political heavyweight for a fun filled roasting. NB: Strong language throughout.


  1. Andy Z's other podcast is brilliant - 'Answer me this' with his wife Helen and Olly. Definitely my fave :-)

    1. I also like to listen to 'Answer Me This' as well. There is a good selection of various kinds of entertainment for all types of interests. I also get a couple of footie podcasts during the season. Being a Man U supporter - Up the reds!


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