Wednesday, 26 March 2014


UrtheCast project.

UrtheCast's two cameras can stream unprecedented footage of our evolving Earth to anyone with an internet connection. In near real time, you will be able to monitor your favourite locales and record events as they unfold. UrtheCast is streaming high definition video of Earth straight from the spacecraft. The system actually consists of a pair of cameras, one still camera and one HD video camera, that are mounted on the spacecraft. The 3.25fps video runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UrtheCast is building a business model based upon the type of technology, generally referred to as "spy satellites". UrthCaste offers a search, rewind, and the ability to tag objects or ongoing events. UrtheCast is also providing APIs for developers to build upon the current service. The HD video camera is mounted on a steerable platform that swivels around. That’ll provide up to ninety seconds of HD video of a location up to sixteen times a day.

Satellite imagery is a billion pound a year industry and the 200 gigabytes of image data Urthecast downloads each day. The community-focused on-line platform, will allow it to compete with everyone from consumer focused Google Earth to commercial space imagery company DigitalGlobe. UrtheCast has signed an agreement with the United Nations. They intend to use it for crisis monitoring, both environmental and humanitarian. They have also signed an agreement with a European non-profit (charity) that wants to use it to monitor various assets.

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