Thursday, 20 February 2014

Phrenology turned on its head!

Phrenology, or to give it a better description is the study of bumps on your head. Phrenology has long been thought of as of no value and that anyone who believed in it should have their own bumps felt!  A pseudo science mixed with snake oil. But now the science of Phrenology has been stood on its head (groan) so to speak as Pedology takes over. No longer is it the size shape and location of bumps, that gives an insight to your genetic disposition.  Though to cause confusion I also created a few bumps of my own over the years. Forget about plotting your individual DNA fingerprint, you are stood on your history! Now its the size and shape of the toes that gives us an indication of our lineage.

Me, I would seem to be a mixture of Roman with a touch of Greek, if you ignore the collapsed arch, bunions, verruca and corns!

So much for my DNA saying that my family history is south west European with a strong Gallic influence. 

C'est la vie

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