Sunday 24 November 2013

First Mate Guides

The First Mate Guides were created by Carole Sampson.

If you wanted to know how to contact a doctor, dentist, vet or chemist, or if you want to know where you can find a bank, post office, telephone or laundrette then these guides give you the peace of mind of knowing where they can be found.
Carole Sampson has decided to cease publication of her extremely useful First Mate Guides, mainly because she is now based on the continent. However, she has made the Guides available for download in return for a donation to cover the costs of maintaining the site. 

The guides have been converted into PDF documents that you can print them or as in my case load onto my Kindle. I have always found the guides enormously useful, as they go into far more detail about shops and other facilities on the system than the conventional guides can possibly have space for.

Print versions of the guides are available in some chandler emporiums. If you want a print version of the guides - I would get them now while they are still available. 

The downloads can be found here, please leave a donation to ensure that the website where the guides are hosted can continue to remain on-line. Click Here

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