Saturday 28 September 2013

Richard Parry Groupie.

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It started off when we booked an appointment to take the older of our two dogs to the vet for a check up and repeat prescription. Unfortunately as she is stone deaf and getting her attention can sometimes be a bit difficult. However, this time its another deteriorating condition that she needed checking up. The old girl continues to slowly lose her eyesight due to cataracts. Other than seeing and hearing she is in otherwise good health. Her appetite is good and her nose is as good as it ever was. Chocolate can be detected whilst still in its paper wrapper and still in the fridge.

Jenny and Richard
The second point of interest was when Richard Parry (The new CEO of CaRT) accompanied by Jenny Whitehall the national moorings manager dropped by at the marina. Richard had been invited a few days beforehand to come along and meet a few customers on CaRT moorings. He turned up unannounced and out of the blue. We were able to have a positive conversation touching upon various issues in and around the marina. This is my first time meeting the new CEO and I admit I was won over. That's a good outcome from an old dyed in the wool cynic like me. (cynicism was a requirement of the job in higher education) Richard's attitude is not the one I have come to expect from CaRT staff at senior manager levels. It took a moment or two to realise that he was actually listening intently to what was being said. The big difference was that at no time was he at all defensive. 

So why do I have a good feeling about how things went? 

Because we did not get the 'usual' platitudes offered, which are intended to fob us off. Some of the replies from Richard were quite challenging and demonstrated that he has a very different mindset. As we reached the end of the conversation, Richard enquired why I am so negative about CaRT in some of the articles I write on NBW. I could have trotted out a platitude or two, just to fob him off. Saying something like 'there are so many negative issues to choose from.' So I chose the diplomacy route and said nothing. I am however, anticipating a seed change as a fresh perspective is brought to the senior management role and with that the inland waterways. When the positives arrive, I will shout them from the roof top. I could never be a member of the Tony Hales fan club. As far as I am concerned, that remains as just another space primed to be filled. But I could certainly be a Richard Parry groupie.

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