Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cookie Stalker IV

We know that cookies can be benign or they can be used to track your online activities. We have looked at the way cookies can be controlled with simple tools. Now we need to look at proactive methods of controlling access to your surfing data. Trackers use many different methods for monitoring your online activity. There are many trackers in use. Which have been designed to record your browsing activities.

Most benign trackers monitor your interests. Then when you visit another website you find adverts presented about things you have shown an interest in on visits to other sites. The trackers use what they know about you to present advertisements which include items that you might want to look at.

There are a number of tools that are described as anti tracking technology. They do this in two ways. Blocking known websites that use tracking technology. The alternative is to intercept and block the tracking requests from websites. Some anti-trackers use both systems.

Most people have a Facebook account and Twitter account. Twitter and Facebook do a great deal of tracking of your activities and interests. I use an application called Disconnect, which can be downloaded from the Disconnect website. Click HereThis application plugs into a number of different browsers including Chrome which is my browser of choice. The application is free but you are encouraged to donate a small amount to support the ongoing development. 


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