Wednesday 20 February 2013

Walkman, Kindle, Grid or HS2 (3)

Continued from "Walkman, Kindle, Grid or HS2 (2)"

Environmental change might mean that the national water grid also has a role to play in disposing of surplus water in years where like last year the rainfall has been extreme. The major problem is that much of the water drainage systems just fast track rainwater into our rivers and streams. Often the effect is enough to overcome water treatment plants and then nasty untreated sewage can make its way into the water course.

Being able to re-direct significant amounts of water down the water grid could form an integral part of the much needed flood defences. Defences that are needed to protect property. Property that has for years been built (against all the best advice) upon on flood plane and flood meadows. The property developers are just playing Russian roulette with the fabled once in a hundred year flash flood that comes around much more frequently as a result of global warming.

Never the less, its a heartbreaking story when you see the personal aftermath of flood damage. On an interesting aside, I was talking to an estate agent (some days I let my standards drop) he happened to mention that properties like ours located on top of a hill now command an additional premium. Apparently it is a good selling point. It seems that the insurance market has endured a battering from a peak in the number of claims based around water damage last year. The higher your property is, above the water table and nearby lakes, streams rivers and similar water courses. Creates a reduction in any chance of significant damage from flooding by natural causes.

I'm still banging on about the beef/horse/donkey fast food fiasco.

Well the furore continues unabated about horse meat in our food. Most people just believed that old horses ended up on the contents label of pots of glue. Yet horse, cat and dog, just like frogs, snails and snakes are all on the menu in various parts of the world. Should we care less about what animal is on our plate or care less about the conditions in which the animal is kept, transported and slaughtered?

However, there is a con trick going on by the government. Ask yourself a few simplistic questions. If some unknown meat that is not beef can end up being sold as beef.

  • Could the unknown meat be unfit for human consumption? 
  • Could beef which is unfit for human consumption also get into the food chain? 
  • If horse meat is getting into the food chain - could the horse meat also be unfit for human consumption?
  • Do you think that the contamination is only limited to horse meat? 
  • Did you know that you might be eating Donkey?

Ask yourself why has the contamination been allowed to happen.

  • Do you think it is as a result of an accident? 
  • Do you think it is as a result of some unscrupulous money grubbing business men?
  • Do you think the push by supermarkets to pare back the price of beef provision by farmers is playing a part?
  • Do you like me think that the government is culpable? 
  • Do you think any government ministers heads will be rolling along the floor?

After all, the Food Standards Agency has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of front line staff such as inspectors.

  • Do you think that an alert and committed Food Standards Agency inspector is the answer?
  • Do you think that an animal passport is a good alternative for an alert and committed inspector?
  • Do you think that the eyes of an inspector are more effective than a piece of paper?
  • Do you think that a piece of paper is cheaper to employ than an inspector?

Welcome to the world of the Penny Pinching home of the Con-a-Lib government.


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