Monday 25 February 2013

Road transport from a new perspective.

We often see articles in the popular boating press about how cost effective it would be to move items by water. Saving tens of truck journeys. Low impact, reducing crowding on the roads and carting much heavier cargo etc. The problem is that the canals were built to take goods from point A to point B. Now the canals are not always in the place where the goods are required to be. However, bureaucracy is also a big problem for the driver and operator.

In the UK there are thousands of small haulage companies who are struggling to make a living due to the cost of, health and safety, trucks, diesel, maintenance and lots of other overheads.  But in China the biggest economy in the world. The issues are not so much of a problem.

This lady is a living, breathing, one woman, entrepreneurial business. She has a big smile on her face and is just getting on with it. I wonder if she adjusts her make-up while driving?

But even the fleet trucking business is not left on the sidelines as business goes on a pace. Eddie Stobart eat your heart out!

Even bridges are built high enough to allow passage for just about anything and everything that can be transported.

One man operation is common place event as the Chinese transport system goes about its daily travel from A to B. Oh, he is also smoking behind the wheel - over here that would be considered quite naughty. 

Health and safety form an integral part of the business as the lookout keeps an eye on the blind spot. However, there are no seatbelts in use. While the driver has a cigarette, naughty boy!

With expert arrangement of the load prior to setting off. All making for much easier cargo drops for the driver to take care of. I wonder if his tachograph is up to date? 

There are times when the driver takes the opportunity to stroll along side his load. Just to enjoy the scenery.

No load is to small for the busy transport business to consider.

The Chinese VOSA road traffic inspector tests the vehicle for road worthiness. It seems the tyre tread depth is not a problem after all - allowing the driver to continue on his journey.

The obvious colour coordinated uniform as worn by the in-flight attendant is a give away hint.


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