Monday, 26 November 2012

One for the ladies

Contrary to the popular (but wrong) belief that all men are either full time or part time misogynists. Here is a posting only for the girls. The boys are advised not to read any further past this point. As further reading might just open your eyes and shatter your tenuous hold on what you see as reality. This posting  allows my feminine side to show through and at the same time saves me a fortune in men sized lingerie. 

I have a deep respect for people who soldier on despite many pitfalls that come with what we men see as freedom and enjoyment of life. I find that the fairer gender seem to be able to articulate their concerns so much better than us. Having been the father of two children one of whom would be today described as a "challenging child". One who has continued to carry the challenge aspects over into her thirties. I have to admit to a tiny feeling of "now you know how we felt" because she has produced a child of her own and is (I hope) enjoying the experience. Would I, if I had the opportunity change our experience - not a single day!

Everyone has done things that they later regret and if given the opportunity would be happy to go back and change the outcome. All have us have not done things that we later regret not doing. Given the opportunity we would in an instant do it differently. However, this is life, it is not (to use a well worn cliche) a rehearsal, its a one time gig. However, there is one thing that we all do and that is to try to learn from our mistakes. 

Sometimes it helps if someone else has made the same mistakes - then we don't feel quite so silly and out of touch. Its more so embarrassing whenever we make mistake around raising a family. I remember my mother saying "don't go out without clean underwear - in case you get knocked down by a bus." Or enquiring just as you have got ready for a night out on the town "have you got a vest on."

Northern Mum is a blog written by Jane, a Northern Mum with Southern Children. Recently described as "a blog guaranteed to raise a chuckle." This is not surprising with posts titled 'Sniffing Each Other's Bottoms' and 'Sun, Sea and a Seven Foot Chipmunk' you know you're going to need tissues and a Tena! 
Funny Mummy Blog quote: "I must have done something good in a past life (I am far too cynical and selfish for it to be due to anything I've done in this one) because, THANK THE LORD, The Poop slept for around three hours of the four we were in flight. Now, before I get stuck into today's moan, hear this - I'm glad she slept. I'm grateful she slept. I understand that it could have been a damned sight worse. But. Sleeping 14 stone baby + budget airline = an incredibly unpleasant four hours for mother, father and any other unfortunate within earshot of our whinging. For five reasons." 

Bare Foot Foodie, Brittany Gibbons has three kids, a suspiciously passive husband and a seriously funny way with words. She's a giver alright, and her blog doesn't hold anything back. Brittany can definitely be on the colourful side when it comes to language and body parts, but the way she re-enacts the stories of everyday mom life, mentions blood or shares emails that she's sent to her husband will have you crossing your legs (for one reason or another). Every post is a winner.


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