Friday 2 November 2012

Europe is in the Red diesel again!

The Great unwashed unelected in Europe are at it once again. This time it seems to be a backdoor attempt to get rid of the red diesel discount provision which we all enjoy for our boating activities.  So what you need to do is email all of your MEP(s) you may have more than one.

You can find out who your MEP's are here. CLICK ME

Here is a copy of the letter that you can modify to make it a more personalised appeal. I have sent it to all six of my MEP's.


Proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on recreational craft and personal watercraft. (COM(2011)0456 - C7-0212/2011 - 2011/0197(COD)) Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

I am writing to you as a concerned constituent and as a user of the United Kingdoms Inland Waterways. It has been drawn to my attention that there is a new version of this draft, I am very concerned to learn that even at this late stage an MEP has made the addition of:

Recital 26a (new)

'There is no harmonisation or level playing field with regard to watercraft licences or technical checks, and tax evasion can still take place through the use of agricultural diesel. Therefore the Commission should consider submitting proposals to harmonise watercraft licences at Union level, to encourage regular technical checks and to prevent tax evasion by discouraging the use of agricultural diesel.'

It is my opinion that this new version of the draft has absolutely nothing to do with laying down essential safety requirements that manufacturers need to consider and follow. It has the potential to create unnecessary administrative and increased cost for the millions of yachtsmen and boaters in the UK and on the continent, as well as being to the detriment of the very successful UK leisure and hire boat industry.

Can you help me understand how and why these additions have been made?
Can you advise me of what if anything you as my MEP can do to help remove this clause?



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