Tuesday 21 August 2012

CART makes me Blanche

Yesterday as we climbed a flight of locks a boater coming the other way reported that the pound above was flooded. When we arrived, I could see that a grid over the bywash was blocked with all kinds of rubbish. Including plastic bags, plastic bottles, weeds and bits of wood. Just as I was thinking of clearing some of the detritus with the boat hook.  

A couple or CART employees arrived with a rake.  In a few moments they cleared the rubbish from the grid. But they did not bag it up to take it away. It was just added to a huge pile of rubbish that had been cleared away in the past.

Now call me old and cynical. But if you are going to make the effort to clear the rubbish off the grids. Then the effort should ensure that the rubbish is then taken away. It looks bad enough with rubbish floating in the canal. But clearing the rubbish and then leaving it behind is piss poor maintenance practice. A windy day would have it back on the grids again in no time at all. It's another instance of BW/CART doing the minimum possible to ease the problem rather than take measures to cure the problem.


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