Sunday 20 May 2012

Spontaneous Trouser Combustion

Apparently, there has been a sudden outbreak of spontaneous trouser combustion in BW Ivory Towers.  It seems that our old fiend Robin Evans has stated that "Some 98% of the people in this country consider the canals and waterways in this country to be a treasured asset."

Now, I know and I know that you know that statistics can be manipulated to give any outcome that you wish. But even wearing the remains of his smouldering pantaloons no one in their right mind would consider the canal as a national treasure. 

A national disgrace I would accept but no way would anyone view long stretches of mud for a towpath, over grown, litter strewn, under dredged, poorly maintained, smelly, stinking, stagnent waterway and abandoned shopping trolley dumping area as a national treasure!

You can even vote on it Here.


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