Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Candidates in the CaRT

I guess the popular topic on the boating blogs and forums will be the election to CaRT of four Independent Boating Representatives to council. Now we have a list of 33 candidates who have supplied a 150 word election address. Not a great deal you would imagine can be expanded upon in 150 words. But I did my first pass of the candidate list. I tried to select each one using their election address.

I had in mind that the four positions to be elected to council are intended for independent boat owners. The four places are to represent the interests of the boat owners only and not specifically other interests.

Now, people who are supported or sponsored by some association or other can't claim to be really independent representatives. Quote "IWA is fielding five IWA sponsored candidates on behalf of all boaters." The IWA has posted a list of their sponsored "independent" candidates. The IWA represents according to their website Anglers, Canoeing, Cyclists, Freight, Walking, Kids and Nature.

Not only that they have the gall to claim to have done it on all boaters behalf.

The IWCC has one selected candidate. So I will automatically exclude them from my vote options. Organisations representing other boating interests should not be sharing a bed with CaRT if they are to be entirely without any conflicts of interest and independent.

Here is the list of Very Busy People who have other significant interests that I feel will cause them to have conflicts of interests or not enough time to spend being proactive in meeting and addressing the needs of the boaters who are independent of any affiliation to other groups.
HENDERSON, CLIVE "I am Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association." As Clive does not have two heads, I can't see him being able to wear two hats, and be entirely without any conflicts of interest.
ROPER, PAUL "I’m an IWA Trustee and Chairman of their Navigation Committee which campaigns for boaters." Paul, will be far to busy with his IWA trusteeship and chairing the navigation committee.
SCOTT, PETER "I'm Chairman of IWA Northeast and Yorkshire." Peter, will also be busy with his chairmanship of the IWA Northeast and Yorkshire.
WELCH, VAUGHAN "A long-standing IWA Trustee." Vaughan could sit down and rest his IWA feet for a while instead.
CAPLAN, IVOR HENRY "A trustee of IWA and residential boater." Ivor will be far to busy with his IWA trustee ship.
PEARCE, DAVID "I am a long-term member of IWA and currently Secretary of British Waterways Advisory Forum. National Chairman of the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs." David will be busy cruising the clubs as chairman. Lots of outside interests to detract from 100% focus on boaters interests within CaRT.
VINNICOMBE, ALF "British Waterways have done a good job." Alf, you are obviously so far out of touch on planet Zarg. Especially with British Waterways and their activities over the last millennium. Have a cup of tea instead.
BARTON, PATRICIA PERRY "I want to balance pleasure with service to the Trust." I want someone to serve boaters interests not just the interests of the Trust. Good luck with the plate spinning.
FARRELL, ANN "I am Vice Commodore of Nantwich boat club, a volunteer at IWA festivals and events, a trustee of Chester Canal Heritage Trust, member of SUCS and Saturn supporter." Lots of outside interests to detract from 100% focus on boaters interests within CaRT.
PINFIELD, BOB (ROBERT) "Currently Chairman of Cookmill Parish Council (20 yrs+). Member of Wychavon Standards Committee & an R.Y.A Instructor. I run a small family business in Worcester." Lots of outside interests to detract from 100% focus on boaters interests within CaRT.
PETERS, STEPHEN "National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) for the past 18 years - currently Hon Treasurer and Rivers Secretary. Member of RYA, Avon Navigation Trust, RNLI (Governor), Railway & Canal Historical Society, Cruising Association and Seamaster Club." Lots of outside interests to detract from 100% focus on boaters interests within CaRT.
HUGHES, BERNARD, OBE "I am self-employed, a Devon County Councillor." Lots of outside interests to detract from 100% focus on boaters interests within CaRT.
CAWSON SUE, The HNBOC committee has nominated her.

The candidates I would lend my support to. Listed in no particular order.
MAYALL, DAVID "Other candidates may be nominated with the support of associations; I believe we are best served by individuals, not representatives of associations." I don't always agree with David but I believe he will remain fiercely independent - and at the same time be a team player on council.
TIDY, ANDY "Author of “Captain Ahab’s Watery Tales”. Read this blog and see the level of knowledge and commitment.
RUDD, STEPHEN "Appointing the BW senior management as Trustees is not a progressive start." I agree entirely without any reservations.
SMETHAM, TONY "I am independent of all organisations representing boaters."
FINCHER, ALAN "I am independent, love boats and boating, and am already well-networked with many boaters countrywide.

KELLY, FRANK (FRANCIS) "I am a wholly independent candidate. As a member of Council I will undertake to be an effective voice for the civil liberties, human rights and will seek to address problems of prejudice, discrimination and harassment faced by our community. I fully support the Boater's Manifesto, and Article 8 in particular."
BLUNDELL, MALCOLM JAMES "As your boaters' representative on the Council, my primary aim is to get the best deal for you! I will use my proven professional skills to ensure that the trustees receive sound and accurate guidance, and act upon it, making sure they are challenged on the use of scarce resources.
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER "Endeavour to promote the interests of private boaters and be a voice for their views ."
For any names not in my list (13) there was insufficient detail to make my mind up one way or another. I am sure to return to this topic again and again. I look forward to hearing and reading much more before polling day arrives.


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  1. An interesting analysis......

    This post in my blog.....

    has now been updated to included a list at the end of 8 candidates where it can clearly be demonstrated they are actively being proposed by an "association" or "club" to their membership as those they should vote for.

    This fact is not immediately apparent from many of the 150 word election statements. Of course there may be others, but I am confident of those 8.


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