Sunday, 23 October 2011


Keats wrote a poem to "To Autumn" where the first line is "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness;" The poem describes the change from late Summer to Autumn and the close arrival of Winter. Yet for me there seems to have been two seasons of fruitfulness this year one of which is very questionable.

The Autumnal crop of Blackberries in the hedgerow were preceded in early August with riots in London and several other towns. The riots were characterised by rampant looting by the perpetrators on an unprecedented scale. Popular with the looters were electronics shops with their flat screen televisions and BlackBerry's of a different kind. It must have been rather curious for some to go home with their stolen TV's only to watch themselves later on the news.

But it did not stop there. Soon the looters fruit theme continued to include Apples. Not apples in the corner store green grocer. No these apples were also in electronics stores.

The apple forms a tree that is small and deciduous, reaching a height of around 15 feet tall. With its broad, often densely packed crown of leaves.

Though the apple was the forbidden fruit in the Book of Genesis. Looters were only following in the footsteps of the original source of sin. Eve who coaxed Adam to share an apple of the edible kind with her. Looters were soon afterwards seen on the television news helping themselves to the Apple computers.

Looking back there have been many electronic devices that had the names of various fruit associated with them. Tangerine computers were one. The everyday "Orange" mobile phone came along much later and is just one of many such fruity devices. However, I am not aware of any electronic devices that were called "Lemon" for obvious reasons. But that's no reason to exclude lemons from this posting.

The photographic and video evidence was used by the police in the course of apprehending many of the rioters and looters. Soon the courts were working overtime, just to ensure that the Jerks received quick retribution.

Keeping to the fruit theme, soon many of the looting lemon's felt the bitter taste of the over active justice system


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