Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Caveat Emptor

Two posts in one day is a bit unusual for me, but today I am motivated again.

My big thing is wildlife, because I love nature in all her different guises. But there is one form of nature that I don't enjoy and it is the one we call the dark side of human nature. The phrase "human nature" is bandied around to  excuse  all sorts of misdemeanour and disservice that is done by one human to another.  Almost like a get out of jail card, human nature is used to explain away almost in a flippant way the deliberate and calculating actions of others.

We all work long and hard in life, each contributing in our own way. In the main, there is a natural balance maintained. Each of us has a talent for doing one thing or another. Unfortunately with some people the talent they posses is not limited to doing good but used for doing evil. I have never shied away from stating my view and confronting any issue. Today is no different to any other day.

You may well be wondering what I am harping on about. There are a couple of blogs that I follow, not so much because of the nature of the content. I am following the blogs more because of a feeling of kinship and wanting to lend support in the time of need of another fellow boater and blogger. A fellow blogger who is not benefiting from the good side of human nature but exactly the opposite. They are being subjected to the cowboys of the boat building business. So I am supporting the underdog in their endeavours to get things put right and for natural justice to be served.

A boat in build.
© Granny Buttons
It takes real courage and backbone to stand up and admit that you have been conned. No one wants to admit that they were fooled, it hurts their pride as well as their pocket. This is one facet of human nature that protects the cowboy conman. The other is the poor facilities and feet dragging that "going to law" brings when looking for satisfaction and natural justice.

I am not going to name and shame the builder in question. I am hoping that you will be inquisitive enough to read the actual blogs. The blogs I am following are Nb Trudy Ann (David and Karen) and Nb Waiouru (Tom and Jan). Please visit and read and take heed of the very serious message that is being given about the dark side of human nature. The fact that you read their offerings, give them some sense of hope that others will not fall into the trap that they have fallen into. That you will benefit from their experiences. That you will pass on to others the message of "Caveat Emptor" buyer beware, in light of their on going experience.

I also found another blog page about a lack of build quality of certain narrowboats. Nb Net Profit (Sally and John) is another case in question.

The Internet and blogging is a good leveler when it comes to bringing about some natural justice. Even the courts now recognise that Blogging about injustice is fair game. See Haynes -v- Puddick. But it does not stop there. The Internet has become an arbitrator of someones unacceptable behavior, providing people with an opportunity for total revenge, a feeling of vengeance or to administer a mild scolding. Some sites in this new and exciting use of technology are the Web site Caught Ya  who publishes photographs of cars parked in handicapped spots. Cheaters might join the ranks of thousands of men who's details are posted on the popular Web site Don't Date Him.

Anyone can be creative in getting their revenge. Readers Digest have an interesting article on people seeking their revenge and ultimately gaining satisfaction against large multinational companies and smaller companies also fared no better.  But revenge it is not limited to companies, a number of classic individuals have become pariahs in their own time. Amir Tofangsazan is a name in question. If you are wondering what it's all about, in a nutshell it's about this eBay scammer called Amir Tofangsazan who sold a broken laptop and thought he got away with it. Google Amir Tofangsazan to see what happened.

It seems that the Internet is now becoming the new "Dissatisfied  Customer Service Department" for all businesses large or small throughout the world. The web has no boundaries and lives on forever (Amir Tofangsazan  can confirm just that some 6 years later). I note that now, some of the top Google hits when searching on this boat builder are from boating blogs carrying negative comments. This type of Internet graffiti takes a long time to clear away. People have long memories and no matter which way your turn there will always be someone to blow the whistle loud and long. Ignore it at your peril.


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