Monday 23 May 2011

Bits and Pieces

I just happened across this forum intended for people who live aboard their boats. It seems to be quite newish and in need of some membership and content. Live-Aboard Forum.

On our Easter trip, we spent a bit of time moored at Eastwood Lock. one of the joys of this place is the flying display put on each evening by a large group of swans. I took a few photographs which I have finally got around to downloading off my camera.

Here are a couple of examples that I took. The birds which must exceed fourty in number. Frequent a cafe where the customers often feed them. The cafe is quite close to Tullys boatyard in Rotherham. As dusk starts to approach, the birds move along the canal in the direction of Eastwood lock. When the birds reach the section of canal that runs alongside the Parkgate retail park.

As soon as they are clear of the foot bridge that passes over the canal and railway. They then collect together for a mass take-off along the straight section of canal. By the time they have reached Eastwood lock they have managed to get up to speed and take off. They seem to set off in the direction of Thrybergh Country Park where I think the birds stay over night.

Sometimes the numbers of Swans taking off at the same time can exceed twenty birds. There can also be several waves of birds taking off in groups one after the other.


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