Tuesday 11 January 2011

Retired - not out

Now, at long last - we feel that we have finally arrived at the end of our first journey.  So it is time for us to say goodbye! or "elalleqa" in Arabic, "khodaa haafez" in Persian, "aabar dekha hobey" in Bengali, "donadagohvi" in Cherokee, "hagoonea" in Navajo, "ahoj" in Czech, "sayonara" in Japanese, "auf wiedersehen" in German, "À bientôt" in French, "adios" in Spanish, "Hejdå" in Swedish, "aloha" in Hawaiian, "shalom" in Hebrew, "aavajo" in Gujarati, "sampai jumpa" in Indonesian, "paalam" in Filipino, "zai jian" in Mandarin, "Zoi Geen" in Chinese, "Farvel" in Danish, "Namaste" in Hindi, "Ayo" in Papiamentu, "Rub Rakha" in Punjabi, "Feri bhetaula" in Nepali, "Do zobaczenia" in Polish, "Tchau" in Portuguese, "Do svidan’ya" in Russian, "Selamat jalan" in Malay, "Ziens" in Dutch, "Yasou" in Greek, "Hwyl fawr" in Welsh, "Anyeonghi Gasyeo" in Korean, "Hyvästi" in Finnish, "Hasta La Vista" in Spanish, "Valete" Latin, "La revedere" in Romanian, "Veloma" in Malagasy, "Sige la" in Pangasinan, "Ha det bra" in Norwegian, "Ok maams" in Tamil, "Slan" in Irish, "Чао" in Macedonian, "Doviđenja" in Croatian and "Chao" in Serbian.

But wait.... It's not the end of our boating escapades - far from it - its the start of a whole new chapter.

The tenor and direction of the blog will change. To become more of a day-to-day travel log, including my personal observations on life in the witterings and ramblings called "The boating tales of a man, woman and a waggly tailed dog!"

I have finally been given a date when I will retire (28th February 2011) you could say "Mick and Maggie" have almost left the building that was for many years our place of work. The spring will now see us enjoying our time cruising the canals and rivers.

Yeeeeee  Haaaaaagh


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  1. Exciting times. I cant wait until we are in the position to hang up our working clobber and sail off with no destination in mind and no time scale to hand.


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