Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New year resolution

Christmas presents abounded this year, the main one for me from the Memsahib being a copy of Alexandre Orlov's book "A Simples life" and a Russian fur hat that makes me look a bit like the latest Russian dictator Valdimir Putin.

After a bout of the dreaded "Man Flu" I have managed to drag myself back into the living world.  Christmas, was something of a passing and almost ephemeral thing experienced in a state of delirium from my sick bed. Now I am looking forward to the new year - I expect this will no doubt come in, along with a bout of the dreaded lurgy of one kind or another.

To this tale of woe you can add a broken coil spring on the car, which happened outside our front gate. I thought a quick ring to the Churchill insurance breakdown service (Green Flag) would soon have things resolved. However, I was to find out that as long as the car is less that half a mile from home then they will not recover it to my local garage. The Green Flag did offer to do the one-off job for £150. My insurer will even upgrade what's left (four months) of my policy for £110. Or I could just go and seek some cover elsewhere, which I did for a full 12 months for £74 including transporting the car. Now the car is at my local garage being fixed and all is well in my world again.

New years resolutions are another one of the facets in my life that is sprinkled with good intentions. So I wonder what the resolution will be this year and how long it will last. I suppose I could resolve to be friendly to Scottish Power, Green Flag or even Dial Direct. However, after they tried to take me for a ride, that resolution would be over before "Big Ben" finishes chiming in the new year.

Rosie has stood up well to the rigours of the weather. I left the central heating on the 5c anti-frost setting. Along with a couple of small tubular heaters also set to activate if the temperature falls below 5c. When I did get to pay a visit Rosie was in good fettle with the water pipes intact. So all in all, apart from the illness the first few weeks of the winter have proved to be incident free.


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