Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Is there ever a good time

Yesterday, the 27th of December. We saw the ambulance leaving after calling at our next door neighbours house. This morning we had a visit from a family member to say that Ken our very friendly neighbour had since passed away in hospital. Somehow Christmas and the new year period seem to be the worst time for such things to happen to a family. Is there ever a good time, I suppose not.

I know that Ken will leave a mark in our lives and in the lives of his family and friends. He was always interested to hear about the boat and we were looking forward to inviting him along for a few days cruising when the better weather arrives. Our abiding memory will be one of Ken working in his large garden and the cheery words exchanged whenever we met, whether arriving or leaving.

As for the family, we can only leave them to grieve together at their sad loss. Its the feeling of total helplessness that is so overwhelming. We want to make things better, we want to make things right, yet we know that there is nothing that we can actually do.

Rest In Peace - friend and neighbour.


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