Monday 1 May 2017

Boat Improvements (4)

As always things in life undergo gradual change. This started me thinking about what changes I could make to the boat to improve life aboard.  Because our requirements have changed with retirement. From long weekends and occasional holidays. To spending a great deal of time on the boat but not quite as full time live-a-boards. 

My old boss had a rather interesting question that he would bring up in staff meetings. It would go something like this - "I know that we may not all be happy working here. But if there was one thing that you could change to make things better what would it be." Over the years some changes were made to working practice as a result of ideas being expressed.

Like my old boss, I would never make a change just for the sake of it. There would always need to be a tangible benefit from making any change. Since we purchased the boat, we have made a few small but significant changes. Following on from my previous postings on Boat Improvements, I shall describe some other changes that we have made to Rosie while we have owned her.  

A few years ago we stripped out what was a built in sofa bed and replace it with a couple of captains chairs. We were never completely happy with the new arrangement. Mainly because it meant using a couple of small folding tables to eat from. 

A rethink made us choose to fit a two place dinette that also folds down into a bed. Though visitors staying on the boat are few and far between. What this has given us is a a semi permanent place to sit and eat. It has also created an additional two under seat storage areas. We also managed to retain a captains chair - that seems to have been taken over by the first mate!

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