Wednesday 23 March 2016

Its Good to be Back.

As some of you will have realised, if only from the lack of activity that we have been away. We have been touring round Europe - well France and Spain for the winter. Yesterday we crossed back to 'blighty' by the Calais - Dover sea route. It has been a liesurly return where we have stopped over in a few palaces on the return leg of our journey.

Last year we purchased a mobile home to do some winter season touring in. So far it has proved to be a fairly successful venture. While at the same time it has been a steep learning curve. Where we had anticipated many parallels with cruising the canals of the UK. The reality has proved to be quite a different one.

Its good to be back - though the Iberian sunshine has been missed already. Over the next few weeks I will be regaling a few tales of our latest off water adventures.

There is little in the way of canal infrastructure in Spain. Just a few short canals from the sea to inland port infrastructure. - France however is well covered by canals. So part of our trip was set asside to go and take a look at some of the French canals - but the view has been taken from the canal side rather than the deck of a boat. 

So today has been spent getting a fire lit on board Rosie to air everything, before we start dewinterising the boat ready for the next cruising season. While we have been away, we have not totally ignored the boat as we had the failing tiller bearing replaced.

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