Friday 5 February 2016

Spanish News for the English (6)

The 'Spanish News for the English' 2016 is a tongue in cheek service, in support of European Multiculturalism for English Pensionistas (pensioners) Pensionistas who are considering a different type of winter break. This time as an alternative to the more usual break of an ankle, leg or arm due to the inclement UK weather.

Dateline Spain:

The Spanish have come up with a new roadside Radar system. Built into what looks like a nondescript electrical control box. Not only can they detect the speed of the vehicle. They can also detect if a mobile phone is in use in the vehicle. The system which takes up to 50 photographs a second can also detect if the driver and passengers are wearing seat belts. The images are fed into a computer system which can then from the various images build a 3D image of the vehicle interior. In the first week long test of the new hightec system. 1349 motorists were fined for not wearing a seat belt. 1113 were fined for using a mobile phone. 57 motorcyclists were fined for not wearing a helmet. A further 57 of the new roadside units are to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Dateline Mojacar:

One of the last remaining Great Train Robbers has passed away in Spain. Gordon Goody aged 87 who is reputed to have masterminded the robbery. Served 12 years and then moved out to Spain on his release. Where he lived a very quiet life running a beach bar called the Kont Tiki.

Dateline Barcelona:

You may or may not have heard of Faith – a three legged pony. Faith was found with a deeply infected leg. The result of which Faith had to have an amputation done. was fitted with a prosthetic front leg in a revolutionary and pioneering bit of veterinary surgery. Unfortunately Faith who had been living in a horse sanctuary had a second infection and had to be put to sleep. Though Faith has now passed away, it was after enjoying a further 5 years of pain free life. But that is not the end of the prosthetic leg – which is currently being adapted to fit a Shetland pony living in France called Iris.

Caveat: Due to language difficulties and the unavailability of translation services. There may be one or two small inaccuracies in the news provided.

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