Monday, 16 November 2015

Political earthquake.

I have a tail to relate, but first I need to set the scene.

We are all aware that the excesses of the media were highlighted during the Leveson Inquiry. A judicial public inquiry held into the base culture, illegal practices and lack of ethics of the British press following the News International phone hacking scandal. However, the main issue in reality is that the media now lies in the hands of a wealthy few. Acting like a cartel and wielding a level of control and power for which there is still not a robust system to curtail their excesses. At great public expense we had a legal process examining the remit under which the media operates. The Leveson Inquiry was conducted at great length and depth where all sides had the opportunity to express a view. The enquiry brought forward some sensible recommendations.

I find it hard to get my head around the less than honest, bullying newspaper coverage targeted at Jeremy Corbyn. Other than the newsprint owners are already perceiving the likelihood of a future 'prime minister' Corbyn as a threat. If Corbyn is so ineffectual as they would have us believe, why target him in the first place.

Roundabout the same time, as the Leveson inquiry there were other police led enquiries and ultimately trials conducted where people were even sent to prison. The government failed to bring in a robust system of scrutiny, armed with tough penalties, where the excesses of the media might be curtailed. I think that when Labour come to power, the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry should be revisited.

Worryingly, we now we see that for less than altruistic reasons, the media has with complete impunity reverted back to where it was prior to Leveson. So for weeks there has been this onslaught of lies and half truth and deliberate misquotes blaming Corbyn for just about everything. However, it is now becoming something of a paradox. One that that has backfired upon the newsprint owners. Simply because you can never challenge a moral compass and compassion that the public (whether they agree with Corbyn or not) see in the man himself. They might not agree with is personal ideals – but they are increasingly more and more sympathetic to his plight.

I have set the scene, now I have an interesting encounter to relate.

I have a good friend – we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum – misguided as I believe him to be – and he likewise about me. We have often discussed, argued and even sulked with each other over politics. We can't even agree to disagree. One of his pet gripes as always been the level of dishonesty in politics and the media. He now harbours thoughts that Corbyn could actually clean up politics and in his words 'sort out the media barons'. I asked how that could come around. He said 'I could never vote labour in a local election. But I would happily vote for him [Corbyn] in a general election.' I was completely perplexed as to why there should be such a shift in his opinion. He said 'he [Corbyn] is basically a honest man and I know I could trust him. If this country is ever to succeed we need a clean up in Westminster.' His wife, piped up. 'Has he told you he has cancelled the Sun.' He just smiled at me and nodded. I had nothing, not a single word to say. He even asked me for my Corbyn badge. I gave it to him, I gave away the one thing I wear with pride at every opportunity. It now has found a new home. He is not and never would be a convert to socialism, but he is a convert to Corbyn politics. So now I am beginning to understand more, the reason why so many people joined and voted for Jeremy. What's happening transcends political tribal alliances. Corbyn has appeal in places where other labour politicians could never tread. His appeal obviously encompasses much more than Socialists, Greens and disaffected Liberals.

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