Saturday 12 September 2015

Git Gap's some sage advice!

Don't you just love the camaraderie we all experience on the cut. Don't you just enjoy the way that the less knowledgeable boaters. Look forward to receiving the sage advice of the more experienced shiny boaters in the boating community. Which is usually acknowledged in the shiny boat owner direction with the waving of a masonic fist. 

Everywhere along the cut, where the more experienced boaters venture, on their annual pilgrimage. Travelling from the marina, on the Friday evening run to the pub moorings. Which is then followed by the post Saturday shower, dash to the waterpoint. Then its the post Sunday lunch afternoon cruise to the winding hole and then back to the marina. You can see them giving freely of their sage advice. 

Why only this morning there were people going out and drawing their boats closer together. To share a ring and to remove what has become known as the 'git gap' created when mooring up. This presumably following a request from a more knowledgeable boater. Or it could be because their pontoon friend was arriving late to the party. 

But it doesn't end there, the more experienced boaters are giving sage advice on the correct speed to pass boats that are moored up. Already I detect some consensus starting to evolve. The moored boat is using the relativity theory as piloted by Mr Einstein. From their lofty position they can judge the speed of the passing boat by the relative number of breakages. While the moving shiny boat is able to judge the correct speed by the number of of people making making the masonic fist and rapidly shaking it up and down.

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