Saturday 27 June 2015

Bits and Pieces

First of all - there has been a short break in the usual daily posting to the blog - its to be hoped that normal service has finally been resumed. I have just reinstalled all the software back onto the computer and started again from scratch! Turning off and back on again did not work this time.!!!
We have just had our 300,000th visitor to the Rose of Arden blog and we are now averaging over 60,000 visits a year.  The actual number of visitors in the last year was 76,000. 

Social Media Quote of the Day: Just got a letter from CRT informing me my boat has been sighted on several occasions on my home mooring, not surprising really, it's the same mooring I've been paying them for for ten years! The letter goes on to say that illegal mooring is unfair to other canal users and if the craft is not removed in the next 14 days action will be taken to remove the boat and/or legal proceedings against me for trespass !!! CRT = Competence Removed Thoroughly.

Breaking news: MRSA is found in British pig meat. New scientific research commissioned by the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, of which Compassion in Farming is a founding member, has revealed the first evidence that some British pig meat is now contaminated with MRSA. These bacteria can cause serious human infections, from blood poisoning to pneumonia. And, worryingly, several European countries report increasing cases of livestock-associated MRSA in people who have no direct contact with pigs. The overuse of antibiotics in factory farms encourages the spread of drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA. Get the facts and take action here.

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