Friday, 29 May 2015

Tunnel safety.

Last year, an experienced boater lost his life when he was knocked from the back of his boat in a tunnel. Since then I have started to wear a life vest when passing through long tunnels - especially the ones without a towpath. I also like to wear a life vest on tidal river sections - or non tidal where there is a good flow of water. We wear the auto inflating type of jackets. The dog also wears a jacket. The dog has tested hers several times. 

The boater is believed to have struck his head on the tunnel wall during the passage or may have hit his head as he fell from the boat. As we have a bike we also have cycling helmets which can be worn in a tunnel. Ours also have white and red led lights in them which would make it much easier to find you in the dark. The white light gives a surprising amount of illumination in the dark. Cycle helmets with lights have been on offer at ten quid in Aldi.

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