Thursday, 26 March 2015

Is the CaRT fit for purpose.

Some people will know that a press release from the NBTA (National Bargee Travellers Association) has highlighted a court judgement that throws some doubt on the 'Guidelines for a boat without a home mooring'. Which begs the question is the CaRT fit for purpose or have the wheels fallen off.

As they say NarrowBoat World 'do not make a habit of running polls, in fact this is the first this year.' but we believe that Canal and River Trust, now firmly established and under a new leader should be told what boaters think of the way it is operating hence the poll. 

It is a very simple one, but we feel will give the Trust a very good idea of what boaters think of its operation. We do not include 'Don't know' in our polls, as we do not see the point, as all that is needed is that boaters register if they believe the Trust is fit for purpose or not.

To access the poll - Click Here


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